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Photography is about people and art. It’s about the desire to capture the essence of human nature, the raw beauty of an honest emotion, and the transcendent quality of a moment. It’s a vehicle to awaken dreams, reflect the vibrancy of life, and remind us of the best fragments of living. We believe our passion for our work and our clients create photographic perfection from all of life’s wondrous imperfections.


We have an unrelenting passion to bring your memories to life through photographs that are at once aesthetically beautiful, accurate, unique, and enduring. We understand the importance of every occasion, the trust you are placing in us to preserve your memories, and that we only have one chance to capture a moment. KYL Photography takes the time to understand our clients and their desires, and works to ensure both are reflected in your photographs. Our preparation behind the scenes help ensure we exceed your expectations.


Memories are created in the intersection between people, places, emotions, and the senses. KYL Photography utilizes techniques to capture not only the subjects, but also the elements of landscape, light, color, and scent in which our clients interact. This breathes a distinct life into each photograph. Your photographs should be as unique as your memories. We strive to create photographs as extraordinary and awe-inspiring as our clients.


Behind each photograph is a narrative waiting to speak. KYL Photography captures the natural moments at the heart of your story. Even when shooting portraits, we find the space in between the staged elements in which subjects expose their essential humanity. While each individual photograph is poised to speak, we believe the collective voices of our photographs will shout a cohesive and timeless tale…maybe of love or hope or simple happiness or complex honesty.

Wedding Photographer Melbourne


We feel blessed to have found our life’s passion in photography, to have been able to transform what was once a hobby into a career as Photographer. Because we love what we do everyday, that love finds its way into each photograph we take.

Photography is a dynamic art. With each new project or changing technology, I continue to learn and enhance my craft. It is amazing to be in a career that has no ceiling, no limit on how much I can grow and improve. My clients, in Melbourne and all over Australia, benefit from my continued love of learning and my belief that each day I can be better.


As a professional wedding photographer, we love that our photography celebrates your milestones, preserves your important moments, and captures your heart over and over again. Memories may fade, but photographs bring back the laughter and joy and unexpected tears of life. The legacy each person leaves behind is in their daily humanity, the time they spend engaging with loved ones, and in how that time leaves imprints on the hearts of others. It may seem impossible, but we believe in the power of our photographs to leave lasting impressions and widen that impact.


KYL Photography is based in Melbourne, but we love working in a variety of cities all over Australia.  This includes Sydney, Brisbane, Tasmania, Perth and Darwin. Our expertise are in weddings, engagementsfamily and newborn portraits, special occasions, and street photography. The diversity of our projects brings fresh perspectives and produces photographs that are creative and striking.

Clients find working with me to be a relaxing and friendly experience, and are at the same time impressed with the diligence and seriousness with which I approach their projects.


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Your changing life, your beautiful moments, and your memories… Celebrated, Captured, Everlasting.



Alan Tham

Kim Yoong is a friend of mine, he is very professional and friendly. We love our wedding photos and we would highly recommend to others.


Christine Loh

We love our baby photos being taken by Kim Yoong. We would recommend to our friends and family or anyone who looking for family, baby photography portraits.